Some Questions For Colonel Dempsey:
What elements encompass the security sector?
What do you mean by Security Sector Reform?
Which countries are included in Sub-Saharan Africa by your definition?
What role do non-state actors play in Security Sector Reform?
Are there any countries you would like to see us focus on more than others?
What are the key issues from your perspective? (this might be a bit too broad, maybe attaching a quantity, what are the key 3-5 issues...?)
  • How would you prioritize these issues? (or insert the issue of prioritizing elsewhere)
What questions would you want this study to answer?
In previous studies of this type, what things have been done that you would like to see more of?
What types of information are you not interested in seeing in this study?
Who is the likely audience for this study, other than yourself?

What is the scope of the estimate? (3-5 years? 10 years?)

Issues modeled on the Liberia project:
Would you like us to focus on
  • relationships between government (state) and non-government (UN, AU, etc.) entities regarding security sector reform
  • the efficacy and likelihood of implementation of bilateral agreements in security sector reform
  • the role of private sector security firms in sub-Saharan Africa

What to bring:

Note taker (Ian could take nominal notes for the meeting)